(noun) the way in which a person or group lives

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Built on the notion of the simpler times when families gathered around kitchen tables to break bread, play cards, or even build a family business. A time when we laughed until we cried, we respectfully argued with one another, and we appreciated the simple joy of gathering. This lifestyle from decades ago still resonates today, but it has evolved to incorporate cutting-edge technology, innovative play, and memorable experiences.

LifeStyle77™ is a division spun out of Bay Tek Entertainment and part of The Village Companies. Brands Include Skee-Ball®, Hole-E-Moley™, Beer Belly Bags, and more.

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Skee-Ball® Home Arcade Deluxe

Turn your rec room into an arcade and go head-to-head in a game that the entire family will enjoy. 

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One-of-a-kind electronic bag tossing game with light-up targets and auto-scoring synced to an app.

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Portable, musical, wood-burning revolution. Bring it wherever you want to bring people together.

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