How Restaurants with Interactive Experiences are Winning Big with Customers - Even Post Pandemic

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The taste. The aroma. The flavor. You've already got that. Whether it’s a hazy IPA, a crisp Pinot Grigio, or a killer fish taco – you’ve got it covered. You may be the go-to spot in the neighborhood for good friends to gather for a cold drink. But with so many other taprooms, wineries, and restaurants competing to pull in customers, serving drinks and having a great atmosphere just isn’t enough anymore.

According to FSR Magazine, 60% of restaurants and entertainment establishments don’t survive their first year, and 80% are gone within five years. Layer in a major force majeure event, like say - a pandemic, and the odds shift even further. Not in our favor.

Keep Patrons Longer

Keeping patrons "bellied up to the bar" can be much easier than you think, even in a post-pandemic world. While a restaurant’s product is no doubt an essential factor that attracts and retains customers, it goes without saying that a stellar guest experience will have a lasting impression on your customers.

This summer, keep an eye out as new games, like Hole-E-Moley or even a new twist on classic Skee-Ball, make their way into the restaurant and bar scene, adding a new dimension to the dining experience and keeping guests in their seats longer (so they end up spending more!).

Drive Additional Revenue

Unique experiential aspects of a bar, restaurant, or other entertainment venue - outside of food and drink, can also drive additional, unexpected revenue. In fact, pre-pandemic, operators who looked to gamify experiences have seen as much as double year-over-year sales or running $25,000 ahead of monthly projections.

Post-pandemic environments will likely follow suit, simply with extra precautions taken in sanitization, spacing, and otherwise. Take Top Golf's Swing Suite for example, which makes money without turning tables. While a the Swing Suite price tag isn't suitable for many bars or restaurants, there are lower cost experiences that model the same successful approach.

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