We are passionate about spreading joy.


We appreciate the little things. The feeling of halting the to-do lists and pressing pause on the daily grind. The notion of gathering together. Of celebrating the moments that matter.

LifeStyle77 was founded in 2020 and inspired by our sister company Bay Tek Entertainment (founded in 1977), LifeStyle77 brings you premium lifestyle products and in-home games. Built on the notion of the simpler times when families gathered around kitchen tables to break bread, play cards, or even built a family business. A time when we laughed until we cried, we respectfully argued with one another, and we appreciated the simple joy of gathering. This lifestyle from decades ago still resonates today, but it has evolved to incorporate cutting-edge technology – and bring you the experiences built for tomorrow.

A Few Facts

  • We take pride in manufacturing in America. ​

  • In additional to selling, we manufacture Skee-Ball,
    and Beer Belly Bags in Wisconsin. ​

  • People are important to us, community is important to us – which is why 10% of each sale is given back to our communities.

We are here for you

We care about your experience, so if there is anything we can do to serve you better, please let us know.  

LifeStyle77 is a part of The Village Companies. Our Village encompasses and owns a diverse group of various companies in three complementary competencies; manufacturing, innovation and community service. Combining each of these market focuses allows us to have a very unique perspective and group of resources to develop innovative solutions, products and experiences that few others can even dream of offering.