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What do you get when you mash cornhole, lights, a holy moly amount of holes and an app? One heck of an epic bag toss game! Introducing the one of a kind Hole-E-Moley!

Hole-E-Moley is an app-driven multi-player, electronic bag-tossing board. A multi-player game of Bags... all lit up!



This game allows up to 6 players, identified by color in the app and on the LED-lit board. Hole-E-Moley comes programmed with 9 fun and familiar games to play on a 9-target game board: 

Light'em Up: Throw the bags and be the first player to light up the board by hitting all 9 targets. 

Pop Corn: Throw the bags to hit as many randomly lit targets as you can before time runs out! 

Chase the Dragon: Play head-to-head and throw the bags to hit your color dragon (4 lights) and the center hole. Don’t hit your opponent's dragon! 

3 in a Row: Throw the bags and be the first to light up 3 holes in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally! 

Washers: Throwing 3 bags at a turn, aim for the targets to get the most points. The center target is worth 5 points. The outside targets are 1 point. 

Corn Holy: Throwing 3 bags at a turn, aim for the targets to get the most points. The top center target is worth 3 points. Other targets are 1 point. 

Corn’er Shot: Throwing 3 bags at a turn, aim for the corner targets to get the most points. 

Color Battle: Try to fill the board with your color and “painting” over your opponents. Who has the most colored targets on the board after 9 rounds! 

H.O.R.S.E. Play: Hit targets your opponents can’t hit! For every missed target, that the previous player hits, you get a letter to spell HORSE. 


Enjoy time with family and friends indoors or outdoors with this app-assisted game.


We will begin shipping orders in November 2020. If you have specific questions on shipping for the holiday, please contact us at LS77support@thevillage.bz